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How summer training courses in Delhi help you become proficient in your desired technologies

Summers vacations provide a magnificent opportunity for students to build skills and enhance knowledge in the domains they wish for. In summer training programs students get real-time industrial exposure by working on projects and case studies. The summer training projects are led by expert professionals who facilitate students to use full potential in building skills for future implications.

KVCH providing is a dream come true opportunity for the students who wish to utilize summer break in the best way.  The training is essential for holistic development by following the latest technologies and recent industry trends.

Today every industry demands skilled professionals; summer training in Delhi prepares students to earn real-world experience and train for facing interviews. KVCH is a premier training provider that imparts 6 weeks summer training in various technologies. Students from various backgrounds can join training immediately and begin training in their areas of interest.

Summer training in Delhi renders a training platform for training in a plethora of technologies. We help students to enhance skilled and overall development with real time experience of working ion technologies.

KVCH summer trainingcourses in Delhi is tendered by efficient professionals in the industry with many years of experience. These trainers make students familiarize with the actual working scenarios and work culture across the various industries. The training modules are tailor-made for the students to get the board to prepare for the going forward

KVCH offers summer training in popular technologies with wide implementations. This training comprises extensive practical training and practice sessions with the trainers at the latest -technology based labs. KVCH is an award-winning training center creating success stories for more than 28 years. It has a skilled in-house team of trained to transform students form learned to trained professionals.

In this Summer Training, students can select technologies like Java, big data Hadoop, ethical hacking, Python, Data Science, app development, software testing, ethical hacking, and numerous more courses. The training modules are tailor-made for every student that enables to get an -in-depth knowledge of the selected domain.

This hands-on training is the best approach to sharpen the skills to become proficient and gather experiences that will land ample of job opportunities. The summer training is a building block for the students and the first steps towards the desired career.

KVCH has world-class infrastructure and a pleasing learning environment by focussing on each and every student. It also offers online summer training programs for those students who are unable to join classes at the center. The guidance under the industry experts keeps students up-to-date with the popular and latest technologies.

This summer training is for graduates and undergraduates who want to increase the practical skills and build a powerful resume. The training comprises of fundamental theoretical knowledge along with in-depth practical knowledge. It prepares students to upgrade knowledge in addition to academic knowledge.

The summer training programs empower students to have a real insight into the current industrial scenarios and real-time experience of working under professionals. The summer training features the best training modules that affirm proficiency in the selected field.

Focal points of the summer training at KVCH

·         Customized modules: Tailor-made modules for various technologies in which students receive fundamental and in-depth knowledge of both theoretical and practical implications.

·         On-time completion: There are various modules of 4/6 weeks of summer training for various courses and technologies. KVCH aids students to fully utilize the summer break without missing the academic sessions.

·         Live-projects based training: KVCH offers live-projects summer training in which students excel the practical implications and get real-industrial exposure.

·         Up-to-date technologies: Students from various backgrounds such as B.Tech/BCA/MCA or any engineering stream get plenty of options in the latest technology to select and become certified.

·         High-tech labs: We have laboratories that are equipped with the latest tools and up-to-date technology to learn and practice the practical implications for real-time projects for efficient learning.

·         Training under professionals: KVCH has qualified trainers with many years of experience in the training industry in the respective domains.

·         Flexibility: We organize various batches as per the convenience for the students. We provide flexibility to the students to choose the batch starting date prior to the formation of batches.

·         Global certification: We provide globally-acknowledged certification that helps students get hired by the leading companies in the market.

·         Global tie-ups: KVCH has tie-ups with the big Giants in the industry like IBM, Oracle and many others to place students and help them land in desired jobs.

Some of the most popular summer training courses are:

·         Summer training in Java
·         Summer training in Python
·         Summer training in android application development
·         Summer training in Digital Marketing
·         Summer training in dot net
·         Summer training in Big data Hadoop
·         Summer training in Linux
·         Summer training in Cloud computing
·         Summer training in Artificial Intelligence


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Thursday, June 13, 2019

The Reasons Why We Love French Language Training

Learning a new language is always exciting and a little intimidating. It is not always an easy quest. It takes patience and constant practice to learn all of its concepts and build familiarity. Of all the choices available, French is the most popular language to learn. The reason for its popularity is that it can be utilized in almost every sphere. The best approach to boost knowledge and become proficient is to get trained by expert professionals. French language training helps candidates to build the skills to have command over this foreign language.


French is an official language of 29 countries, and it is the first language of France. It is a widely spoken language across large parts in the world including Europe, USA and, also in parts of Asia. French is the second most taught language in the European Union, and it is the prime language of Europeans who speak other native languages.

It is also the most popular taught foreign language among foreign language programs and According to OIF, there are approximately 300 million people able to speak French all over the world.
French language training

Reasons to learn the French language

Worldwide spoken language: Because of its wide use, it is considered, as one of the most influential languages.  The French language has approx 300 million native and non-native speakers all around the globe. It is the most spoken mother Tongue after German language and English language. It is one of the foremost choices among the students for learning foreign languages.

A career inspiring language: This language has its speakers worldwide and one of the official languages of many International Organizations, such as the United Nations, The European Union and many more. One can aspire to build a successful career in learning the French language. Adding French with the English speaking capabilities of the candidates can land a lucrative job opportunity. Today wire array of industries look for a proficient French speaker for recruitment.

Get access to rich and diverse French culture: French culture is considered very affluent and diverse. When you learn French, you get a close look at the rich culture and endure its uniqueness. It also empowers to understand the literary gems.  French cinema and theater are iconic worldwide; you can learn French to have unique and authentic experiences.

Enhance travel experience: This language is very interesting and fun to learn. Europe has been at the top of the list for tourist destinations. With the knowledge of the French language, the vacation becomes more delightful and enjoyable.

KVCH is a premium training center to learn a foreign language. It has a team of expert professionals who are well versed with the grammar and have proficient language authority. Here, the students get tailor-made modules at various levels of the language according to the requirement. Students get audio and video classes and special sessions for practicing skills. After the completion of training, the student gets a globally recognized certification that helps to land flourishing job opportunities at a global level.

Friday, April 26, 2019

Here's What Industry Insiders Say About Best Blockchain

Recently there has been a lot of buzz around cryptocurrencies and because of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, blockchain technology has come to limelight. The blockchain is a digital public ledger that maintains all the e-transaction history while adding new transactions. The best feature of blockchain is that it prevents data from getting tampered. It is maintained by data miners who add new transactions into this ledger. The blockchain is constantly getting bigger as miners are adding new blocks to it in every 8 to 10 minutes. Blockchain technology not only benefits cryptocurrencies but is being used in various domains like logistics, banking and finance, real estate, elections & surveys and many more.

Adding various blocks to form a chain is the basic working environment of the blockchain. Blocks contain the data related to the transaction that was made. Every time a new transaction is performed, simultaneously a new block is formed that is added in the blockchain in a linear and sequential order. Whenever any new transaction is performed, miner reacts to them by converting the data into unique codes and thereof forming a block. Before adding this block to the blockchain, miners need to create a signature for that block. This signature is formed by solving a complex mathematical problem and each block of the transaction consists of a unique signature. These complex mathematical problems are solved using a lot of computational power. Blockchain acts as a diary where every transaction is maintained since its birth.

The basic functioning of blockchain is adopted from Hash tree/Markel Tree. Markel tree is an algorithm that was created by Ralph Merkle in the year 1979. Hash tree verifies the data between computer systems. It is because of this algorithm that the data is prevented from being tampered during the process of transfer. Later, the hash tree was used by Satoshi Nakamoto (cloud be an individual or a group of people) who created a distributed blockchain technology where each block generates a secure cryptographic hashing that can only be decoded by verifying and handling data across various computer system. This distributed and decentralized blockchain technology has today become a core part of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Mentioned below are some of the advantages of Blockchain Technology:

  • Security: Every individual who enters the blockchain network is provided with a unique identity that maintains anonymity. Even the blocks that are encrypted and require high computational power to decrypt are prevented by hackers. The algorithm is so efficient that any transaction ones added cannot be altered. Reduces risks related to cybercrimes, frauds, and tampering.
  • Trackable: The blockchain technology is based on a hash tree that allows the user to access only their transaction history. It even allows blockchain to locate any problem and correct them.
  • Faster processing: Lots of miners and high computational power allows the digital transaction process in a faster and smoother way.
  • Prevention of Data Duplication: Since the miners create a unique hash for every transaction, data duplication is prevented.
There are various limitations to this technology. Let's have a look at some of the disadvantages of blockchain technology:
  • Since there is a lot of computational power being used to decrypt a single code, therefore multiple codes would need a high amount of power. Keeping a real-time ledger consumes a lot of power and therefore, blockchain technology requires high electrical power.
  • Since blockchain follows decentralized systems, various financial institutions are creating problems for Bitcoin to get accepted.

With the advancement in technology companies are expecting their employees to have a thorough knowledge of Blockchain Technology. Mentioned below are some reasons to learn blockchain technology:

  • Today few people are aware of blockchain technology. But as we are living in the digital era, there are great chances for this technology to spread like a wildfire. It is only sensible to learn this technology today to avail its benefit tomorrow.
  • As mentioned earlier that blockchain is not only limited to cryptocurrencies. Today this technology is at its peak and various sectors are waiting to make full use of this technology. In no time companies will be hiring candidates with the knowledge about blockchain technology at a very good package.
  • More than for career up gradation, learning blockchain is beneficial for personal use. Today digital currencies are booming everywhere. Having a thorough knowledge about the core technology on which these cryptocurrencies are dependent will definitely help in making lots of money.
  • Blockchain technology maintains data integrity and data security throughout the transaction. It becomes important for candidates to understand the security pattern of this technology for personal and professional benefits.
Today there are various companies providing training in this latest and most useful technology and among all, KVCH is the Best Blockchain training institute in Noida. Here the candidates get the opportunity to work on real-time industry projects to get a clearer perspective about the technology. The training is provided by the experienced industry trainers. In the end, candidates are awarded a globally recognized certificate.

Friday, April 5, 2019

Become certified developer by getting best Android training in Delhi

The use of Smartphone has risen dramatically in the last decade. With technology development, the app development market has also flourished. There are thousands of apps that are launched in the market every day. Among other platforms, as you may have also noticed, there are more Android apps than any other.  A vast population of mobile users is using an android phone because of its economical prices and a wide range of options. There are more Android developers in demand than any time before. You can make a successful career as an app developer by getting Android training in Delhi. The training will make you a certified android developer and provide hands-on training on real-time projects.

Reasons to become an android developer

·         Low cost: Businesses prefer android app development because it takes the low cost to develop an app on Android than any other platform. It provides developer an open source software development kit to develop unique apps for the customers. It reduces the development and licensing cost of applications.
·         Higher salaries: With the increased demand in the market and a huge number of applications being launched in the market, the company is hiring skilled android developers and offer high salaries. The companies always prefer certified professionals over other candidates. The training helps the candidates to create an app from scratch and deployment process.
·         Increased demand: With the expansion of mobile market app development is also increasing. The demand for Android developers is high in the industry as compared to the other developers. Every customer wants an innovative and attractive app for its business and the trained candidates can deliver high quality and user-friendly apps.
Presently, every business is trying to make an online presence and reach more customers. The mobile application is the best option to reach customer and expansion of the business. KVCH is an eminent training provider with more than 27 years of experiences rendering training and certification courses in various technologies
We provide Android training and certification course to train candidates to develop apps from scratch from development to deployment. Equipped with experienced trainers, KVCH is rendering hands-on training with real time projects.  All the candidates are rewarded with certification that helps them to place in the company and start a successful career as a certified Android developer.
PriyankaSharma loves pursuing excellence through writing and have a passion for technology. She has successfully managed and run personal technology magazines and websites. She currently writes for, a global training company that provides industrial and professional certification training.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Reasons to join best PHP training in Delhi at KVCH

PHP is a server-side scripting language. This is an open source language which was
created by Rasmus Lerdorf. PHP is the most popular and widely used language among all
the other programming language. In PHP developers use syntaxes similar to C and C++that
is easy to work with. This general-purpose programming language is used for the purpose
of web development. PHP is an acronym used for Hypertext Preprocessor. Developers use
this language for the development of static and dynamic web pages.

Advantages of PHP

          1.    Easy database connection: with the systematic database management system it
               reduces the time for web development. There is a built-in module in PHP which
               facilitates the connection with the database at ease.
          2.  Open source: PHP is absolutely free and readily available to use. It facilitates
                 developers for web development at ease as it is open source. Developers with
                 experience of working with C language have the advantage to learn it quickly and do a
                   great job.
          3.  Cross-platform: This programming language supports many operating systems. PHP is
             supported by most of the operating system and easily works with most of the platforms.
          4.  Easy to use: As compared to other programming languages this is very easy to use. It
              is very easy to learn, well-organized and fluent, the developers who have worked with C
                language will not find it difficult to work with PHP
          5.  Huge community: Due to the increased popularity among users and developers, PHP
                 has a huge community to help each other.
KVCH is an eminent training provider imparting best PHP training in Delhi using the latest
technology as per the current industry trends. We have more 26 years of experience in the
training and certification industry. KVCH is providing Hands-on training with live projects to
the students as well as working professionals on a variety of courses. We have an excellent
team of expert trainers who are highly experienced in their respective domains. We provide
job-oriented training to the students so that after the complete course they are ready to
enter in their desired career. Candidates get extraordinary training with live-projects at
KVCH. We have a variety of technical and non-technical courses for the students. In 6
months we will transform the students from basic into well-trained personnel so that he will
be an asset to the companies. We are equipped with High-tech labs with the latest
equipment so students get trained according to the current market trend.

Benefits of training at KVCH

*Experienced trainers: we have experienced trainers with expertise knowledge who
train students using the latest technology.

*High-tech labs: we are equipped with labs with the latest technology where students
are trained using the latest technology using the latest equipment.

*24*7 lab facility: Our labs are open for 24 hours for the students so that they are able to
connect trainers and have assistance any time.

*Live- projects: Trainers at KVCH provide hands-on training to the students with live
projects so that they are prepared for the real-time working scenario.

*Placement assistance: We provide job oriented training and after the completion of
training, placement assistance is provided to each student in their desired career field.

Monday, November 19, 2018

The best 6 months Ethical Hacking training in Delhi

The best 6 months Ethical Hacking training in Delhi: The term "Hacking" indicates the usage of computers to commit unethical or fraudulent acts such as fraud, privacy invasion, stealing...