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With the advancement in technology companies are now desperately hiring candidates who are thoroughly familiar with all the latest technologies. There are various technologies that are today helping the companies in overcoming the modern day challenges. In this article, we will discuss some of the most used technologies and programming languages that are being used by the companies. With so many technologies, the most used technology is Java, Hadoop Framework and Cloud computing. Candidates can learn either one of them or can go for JAVAtraining, Best Big Data Hadoop Training In Noida and cloud computing course simultaneously.

Java is the most used programming language. This general purpose and object-oriented language is being used by more than 64 thousand companies all around the globe. Many renowned companies like Airbnb, Uber, and LinkedIn is making full use of this programming language.

Today various sectors, like Finance, Education, IT, Research and many more are using Java as their programming language because of its unique features, like:

  1.          Platform independence: Java follows the WORA logic where the users just have to write the code only once and then it can be made to run on any platform. This platform-independent feature is amongst the top favorite for the developers.
  2.  ·         Highly secured: When compiled each and every code is converted into bytecodes that are not readable by the humans. This makes this programming language the most secure. Moreover, the programs are executed inside the sandbox that prevents any unauthorized activities.
  3. ·         Performance: Java byte codes are easily converted into native machine codes and JIT (Just-In-Time) allows high performance.

JAVA training will help the candidate in understanding other latest technologies and moreover will help in receiving great career opportunities.

Today, with the abundance of technologies the sources for data generation has also increased. The huge amount of data that is being generated at a very high speed is known as big data. The sources of big data include stock exchange, financial institutions, smart cities, healthcare, science, lawmaking and many more. It is really very important for the companies to store, process and analyze this big data. When processed and analyzed, Big data provides companies with useful insights that help them in strategics accordingly. Nowadays the most used framework to handle this raw, and unstructured big data is Hadoop Framework. This Apache’s product allows the companies to easily analyze the big data that helps in producing valuable insights. Hadoop basically works on a simple Map Reduce algorithm that allows the data to get distributed amongst various systems and further Hadoop after processing collects the results from all the systems and integrates them to produces a single result copy.

There are 4 basic layers in Hadoop Architecture that every aspirant should be familiar with:

  • ·         Processing layer handled by MapReduce
  • ·         Storage Layer known as HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System)
  • ·         Hadoop Common
  • ·         Hadoop Yarn

All this can be understood by taking the best Big Data Hadoop Training in Noida. Apart from processing companies are also majorly concerned with the storage of this humongous amount of data. Now for the storage, there are much software but the most used and reliable is Cloud Computing. Cloud computing is the process of using computing services over the internet. Cloud computing has proven to be very beneficial for companies. Not only does cloud computing allows the companies easy management of the data but also allows them to reduce unnecessary expenses. When using cloud computing services companies does not need to install or manage information technology infrastructure. Moreover, cloud computing works on a pay-as-you-go pricing model that allows the companies to pay only for those services that they are currently using. This has greatly helped the companies in managing their expenses. Any updates or even the management of the cloud is maintained by the service providers during cloud computing. Today there are many cloud computing service providers, like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Adobe and many more. It is important for any professional to be aware of the working of cloud computing and therefore one must join the best cloud computing course to experience career growth.


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